About Alon Kruger

Alon Kruger, born in Israel, raised as an Orthodox Jew, spent many years of Torah-studying in Yeshiva, has three kids and lives in Jerusalem.

At the age of 38 Alon made a transition and entered a new existence while leaving behind his religious upbringing yet keeping a spiritual approach to life. 


Writing, taking photos, and leading tours became Alon's main ways to express and explore life's special moments and the Dead Sea has become one of his sources of energy.


As a result of his story Alon feels in many ways as a tourist in his own country. This perhaps helps him provide travelers with a unique experience while sharing with them fun and knowledge.

Alon’s wish in art and travel is to give people a chance to let go for a moment and to connect to their inner feelings. 

Dear friends - Beautiful people!
Let's allow pain and joy mix within us and lead us to our inner truth.

Join me!

Someday.. Somewhere.. Somehow..


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