The Masada Sunrise Tour

Simply Magic!!

Masada  Ein Gedi  Dead Sea


Pick up time:

May 03:10 am

June 03:00 am

July 03:10 am

August 03:30 am

September 03:40 am

The Masada sunrise tour is an unforgettable 9 hour desert adventure combining history, nature and fun all in one magical trip. On this tour we leave Jerusalem before dawn, drive down through the dark desert mountains and visit three stunning sites as the day rolles in: Masada  Ein-Gedi  Dead Sea
Hiking up and down the mountin is required on this tour!



Itinerary Masada, Ein Gedi, Dead Sea




Pick up time: 

May 03:10 am

June 03:00 am

July 03:10 am

August 03:30 am

September 03:40 am


Pick-up location 

point 1 - Mevo Hamatmid 16 (by the tree in the street)  



Point 2 - Jaffo 29 (Mushrooom chairs)




Arrival back 12:30/13:00     

Price 270 Shkels 

Price includes: Transportation, Information, Entrance fee to the Dead Sea

Price does not include: Entrance fee to Masada and Ein Gedi (31+28)

What to bring with you on this tour?

  • Food (snacks available to buy at Ein Gedi and the beach)

  • Comfortble hiking/walking shoes

  • Hat

  • Sun screen

  • Money for entrance fee (31 Shekels for Masada+ 28Shekels  for Ein Gedi)

  • Student card (Might give discount on the entrance fee)

  • Swimming suit

  • Towel (Renting towels is possible on the beach)

More information about the Masada sunrise tour:


First stop:


Masada - One of the most popular visiting sites in Israel. Where you see the ruins of an ancient fortress on the top of an isolated rock plateau in the Judean desert. Built by King Herod the Great, the fortress became the last hold of the Jewish rebels escaping from Romans in Jerusalem.


Ariving at Masada about one hour before sunrise you will hike up the mountain (Approx. 50 minutes) and spend the time on the mountain top exploring the archeological ruins and enjoying the magnificent view and the vibrant colors of the desert sunrise. Then you hike down (Approx. 45 minutes) and meet at the bus.

Total time at Masada - 3 hours.

Entrance fee is 31 Shekels

Second stop:


Ein Gedi - nature reserve. A desert oasis in the heart of the dry Judean desert. Take a walk around the Ein Gedi waterfalls and enjoy the amazing contrast of fresh flowing streams in between the desert rocks. You can also dip into the pools.

At Ein gedi You can take a break to eat or have a coffee.


Total time in Ein Gedi - 1.5 hours.


Entrance fee 28 Shekels


Third stop:


The Dead Sea. Kalia/Neve Midbar beach on the north corner of the Dead Sea. Earth’s lowest elevation on land. Relax on the Dead Sea beach, experience the amazing feeling of floating in its salty water and playing with its famous black mineral mud.

Total time at the Dead Sea 1:40 hours! 

Entrance fee (of 60-85 shekels!) is included in the tour!

Including: Showers, Chairs, Shade, and Changing rooms.

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